zackery replies to: Let’s code in C++, Daytrade, & Daydream :)


Over years I’ve been involved with many trading platforms. I’ve seen it all.
For example Ninja’s unbeatable speed that even a snail can surpass. An Everlasting sarcastic smile engulfs my face every time i want to start Ninja’s legendary Market Replay. Man, you can do chores while you are waiting for the platform to load and prepare?! historical data (C# -!@#$)
Then the C++ SierraChart which is speedy and nice, but its language scares the hell out of me even though I got a cat with a red eye and I’m a senior c++ developer.
And among many other platforms like cAlgo, MultiCharts etc. there is the Legendary MT45. Unfortunately, MT4 is, well, how would i say, Metatrader’s way of doing things;

So I got a dream. Yeah, i daydream a lot.
In my dream I’ve seen an EA that spells out into code similar to this

In my dream this code compiles and executes on all above mentioned trading platforms.

What do you guys think? Do you see what I’m seeing?

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