yaakub replies to: I will code your EAs and Indicators for no charge


Phylo, thank you for your reply, but its not what I’m looking for
I simply need to add the the configurable width of x pips
And then if the Donchian goes below it, the indicator alerts me

I can tell you the complete system if you can make it, few line of code for a system doesn’t seem so bad eh
Hey you can even make it into an EA, turn it on on favorable market condition and make an attempt to get rich

Click to EnlargeName: USDCHFM5.pngSize: 37 KB

An example from this morning USDCHF, suppose I make the configurable Width to be 5 pips, the Donchian then goes below 5 pips and it alerts me (its 2.5 on the pic)

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