Windows or Chromebook? There's a right laptop for you


So, what’s the difference?


Chromebooks are about as simple as laptops come. What mainly differentiates them from Windows laptops is that they run Chrome OS instead of Windows 10, and files are saved to the cloud rather than the desktop/hard drive. There are number of nuances to consider like cost and performance, but generally speaking, Chromebooks are inexpensive machines designed to handle basic tasks like checking e-mail and browsing the web. Plus, they’re largely virus free.

Windows Laptops

If you’re looking for more of a powerhouse, you’ll definitely want to invest in a Windows-based machine. Unlike Chromebooks, which are outfitted with low-power processors, Windows laptops have a wider variety of specs and prices. Some are even powerful enough to run games or video editing software with fidelity that rivals a desktop tower. They also offer more in terms of apps, editing software, browser choices, and so on. Variety is the spice of life, after all.

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