What I love about fall


Most folks can quickly tell you what their favorite season of the year is.
Not me, I have something to love about every season.
The possibility of snow and the magical time of Christmas that comes in the winter.
The fresh flowers and gardens that are blooming in the spring.
Vacations and school our for my nephews that comes with summer.
And then comes fall. So many things I love about fall time, including:
•Halloween is one of my favorite things about the fall. I have always loved a costume. Velma from Scooby Doo, Cruella D’Ville from 100 Dalmations, Cat in the Hat from Dr. Seuss and Winnie the Pooh from Disney are just a few of my favorite costumes over the years. In recent years, I’ve also enjoyed coming up with a theme for myself and my nephews.
•the arrival of fall means cooler weather and I love getting out my scarves, boots, leggings and sweaters.
•what about the food of the fall. I love homemade vegetable soup, chicken mull and chili.
•the fall for our family is a time of birthday celebrations. First up, we have my Dad’s birthday on Oct. 14, then my nephew, Grayson, has a birthday on Oct. 29. A few weeks later, on Nov. 12, my nephew Jake will be celebrating his birthday. It’s always fun planning the family birthday dinners and celebrations.
•the colors of fall are simply beautiful. The changing of leaves to gold and orange is beautiful.
•going to an apple orchard. I love apples year-round but there is nothing like going to an orchard to get apples in the fall. It’s fun to take a hay ride at Mercier Orchards and pick your own apples.
•going to a pumpkin patch and picking out the best pumpkin you can find. Then, going home and carving a funny or scary face in it and sitting it on the front porch. It’s also fun to get several of the tiny pumpkins and let everyone in the family decorate one.
•new television shows launching in the fall. This year, I’m excited about “Murphy Brown.” It’s interesting to see shows from the 1980s coming back in a new format.
•the excitement about college football. I don’t get into the actual game but I enjoy keeping up with the Georgia Bulldogs. I haven’t been to a game since I was a student, but I still want to know how the team is doing each season.
•and just to name a few more: Flannel sheets, a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate, fall produce from the farmers market, pumpkin flavored everything, fairs and fall festivals.
It’s a great time of year, so enjoy all that is brings with your family and friends. I know that I will.

Angela Gary is an editor with MainStreet Newspapers Inc. She can be reached at Angie@mainstreetnews.com.

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