vvFish replies to: What kind of music you hear while you trade?


In the end after all the heart ache the let downs the false expectations the highs and lows again…

success was as easy as swinging on a chair.

Since i was born. Have breathed the free oxygen, bathed in the suns energy and shivered in the cold

it took one random day to escape the shadows of my out door lounge and see the sun shiningon my old swing chair to simply get up and change my seat

ive done this many times as the sun changes its focus and shadow but on this particular occassion one thought struck me like a-flash of light

Me as a microscopic virus in this beautiful universe I too am a universe with my own microscopic inhabitants.

i co existin a universe much greater than myself… yet all my life theough my own struggles confusion anxiety hatred content and round again have emmited energy of my own, much like the suns

like the negative and positive forced of a magnet i have suffered on my rebellion when one simple day for decided to emmit a different kind of energy, the force is magnetic. Like a warm hug the sun accepted me right back… at speeds of light

instantly i understood

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