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Hello Forum,

im trying to optimize my strategy and wanted to ask you for help.
its a really simple strategy, if a candle closes: open in the reverse direction (The stop is the timeframe you opened the candle) (no take profit or stopp loss*) he closes at the end of the timeframe

i got results of 51 % to 49 %
that means not a real big profit (spread makes it even harder)

now i wanted to start a discussion if we can filter somehow trends or trending candles ? does anyone has a good idea maybe ?

my idea was to maybe add an RSI to the candles and set period 2 ! and range 70 OB 30 OS.
that could work but i dont have the filter in the EA right now
cause of the rsi all moves in same direction that hold on longer are blocked out so the % could possible rise ?

does anyone wann join the disucussion and find ways ? i will share my EA too


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