VFACTS: Five things from September figures


The Australian new car market has been softening most of this year. It’s not panic stations, but sales have been declining since April, and the year-to-date (YTD) figure is down 0.9 per cent over last year’s record haul, to 881,005 units.

You can read all about September’s haul in intense detail here, where we talk about the top brands, top models, and break down sales by segments. But here we’ll look at five other things to talk about.

SUVs still booming, especially the little ones

Look, you could argue catch-all terms like ‘passenger car’ and ‘SUV’ are past their used-by date, but for now we’ll retain them.

Buyers after a higher driving position are voting with their wallets and feet, given SUV sales actually grew 6 per cent in September, and owned almost 44 per cent market share. Seven of the top 15 models in the country were SUVs, from the small Mitsubishi ASX to the biiiig Toyota Prado.

Passenger cars (meaning hatches, sedans, sport cars and people-movers) fell an alarming 20% in volume concurrently, and dropped to 32% market share, while utes and vans (light commercial vehicles) nabbed about 20% share.

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