Verocity replies to: Help Needed to Debug Existing EA with proven strategy


Hi Montego Jamco388,

Wow – the back test results are truly VERY ENCOURAGING – I am beginning to believe that we have found the HOLY GRAIL in forex trading as trading the EA in hybrid mode is VERY VERY SAFE – hardly any risk at all – please please everyone, don’t just read and benefit from efforts of others – do your own backtesting on the other pairs and share the results here.

However, everyone reading this, there is only one caveat in using this EA – make sure you have enough $$$$ in your account to give it enough of room to maneuver – at this juncture from my own testing and I agree with Tictac-nur that you must have $1,000 for each traded pair in 0.01 lot size. For example, you want to trade 5 pairs in 0.01 lot then you must make sure that you have $5,000 in your account.

Wow, as I have stated much earlier, this strategy has NO weakness and if we can work together here to come out with the best settings and push the profitability further , then the sky is the limit really as we can trade MULTIPLE pairs simultaneously (especially uncorrelated pairs)!!!! WOW, this is a real gold mine!!!! This is really exciting!!!

But everyone, please share your discoveries here – don’t keep it for yourself!!!

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