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It is unfortunate that such a great thread would be taken over by techies and focus on the indicator or volume. As with any thread, information decay is inevitable and I would urge Angela to not return back in this swamp and to continue doing what is best for her account. There is absolutely no need to open threads and share your success asthere will always be naysayers ready to jump and affect your mindset.

Here’s my two cents… What seems to be missing from the reader’s understanding is the fundamentals behind why this strategy will ALWAYS work without any indicator or volume or Pivot or SR. You do not need any of those to trade a fantastic, logical and sensible strategy like this one. Angela is successful because of “doing what works best and ignore the rest… rinse/repeat” attitude towards trading. I am confident, she can succeed trading with naked charts also.

The strength or weakness in the Mighty US Dollar is the ONLY fundamental reason why the entire currency markets move. It is the weapon to avoid price manipulations that happen on many fronts.

For those who asked how to trade other pairs, it is very straightforward.

VeeFX: The Mighty Dollar

  1. When USD is in strength mode across majors, almost all crosses will be going higher and higher (with varying “speed/force”)
  2. When USD is in weakness mode across majors, almost all crosses will be going lower and lower (with varying “speed/force”)
  3. Stay away when USD is dancing up and down across other majors

Simple and Elegant Solution! The above is a mathematical fact embedded in the currency market. I posted some screenshots earlier on how I use the Movers/Shakers indicator without using any charts.

Focus on what Market HAS to do. The Currency Market HAS to follow the USD by design (and maybe JPY under certain risk on/off conditions being a funding currency)

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