ukkometto replies to: CCFp weekly signals (set and forget basket trading)


update 4.7



Folks made some adjustments to the virtual basket section.
Please test.

This is what the vb basket should do when including the setting of the vb duration hours.

vb duration hours as 00:30
vp upper trigger at 10 pips
vbp open hour at 11:00 GMT

The following process will happen:
1. Open a virtual basket at 11:00 GMT
2. Look to trigger a real basket when +10 pips have been reached for the total of virtual trades that were captured.
3. if the virtual basket has reached 11:30 GMT (00:30 Minute duration time) and no real basket has been opened, the EA will close the virtual basket and wait till the next day 11:00 GMT to do it again
4. If a real basket is opened before 11:30 GMT then the EA will “freeze” the virtual basket status and monitor the real basket TP/SL/Trail SL etc etc
5. Once the real basket is closed, the EA will close reset the virtual basket and like step 3 wait till next OpenHour to do all of it again.

Let me know if there is any deviation from this, Thnx

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