Trader-Waldo replies to: Need weekly time frame added to indicator


Too late Bill, I’m already married!

I’ve modified the indicator to use a variable timeframe. Hope that is what’s required. Simply set Timeframe to W1 to get weekly (the indicator previously operated using daily).

I’ve also changed the display routine, because I noticed that if the values were equal the currency names plotted over top of each other. So now if two values are equal, to break the tie, the tied currencies display in alphabetical order.

I will leave you to test it more thoroughly when the markets reopen this coming week.

Happy New Year, my friend. May 2018 bring you good health, many pips, and much happiness.


NOTE: Code has been compiled using MQL4 Editor/compiler build 509. If you want the .mq4 source to continue to compile/run without errors, you’ll need to do this first. Otherwise, download only the .ex4 file.

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