Time Machine Tuesday: 18 September 2018


People often say “don’t forget where you came from”. Although we’re focused on every ne

w car, every last detail here at CarAdvice, we have an extensive back-catalogue of news stories, lifestyle yarns and reviews.

Here’s a look at what happened on the week of September 18 in years past.

19 September 2017: Genesis G70 review

The 2018 Genesis G70 is the Korean newcomer in the luxury car segment. Has it got what it takes to tackle the best in the class?

We’re still waiting for it to hit Australia, but here’s a first look

18 September 2016: Lego reveals Caterham 7 620R kit

The Caterham, set number 21307, is the first ‘road going’ car set to make the transition from fan concept to mass-production reality.

We liked it so much we bought one

17 September 2015: Honda Civic sedan revealed

According to John Mendel, executive vice president of Honda North America, “This tenth-generation Civic is quite simply the most ambitious remake of Civic we’ve ever done”. Along with the sportier fastback-style design, the new Civic sedan is said to handle with a lot more vim and vigour than previously.

It’s arguably one of Honda’s most important releases of late, and it’s proven to be a sales hit in Australia.

Relive the unveiling here

18 September 2014: Volkswagen Polo GTI revealed

The 2015 Volkswagen Polo GTI has been revealed, with the German hot-hatch adopting a 1.8-litre turbocharged four-cylinder engine and the availability of a six-speed manual gearbox.

It’s been four years since the facelifted version of the previous-generation Polo GTI was first revealed. It’s only recently been superseded, too.

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