This HP is the fastest laptop we've ever tested


What We Didn’t Like

With this much power at this cost, who is this even for?

The $3,290.61 price tag is no joke. If you’ve got the funds and consider yourself a power user, go for it. With that being said, it’s a bit overkill for spreadsheets and word processing documents. It’s too powerful for basic tasks. It’s only useful for video editing, 3D modeling, CAD, or something hugely resource-intensive. Unless you’re using it for those kind of programs, you’d be wasting your money.


Battery life is so-so

In our PC Mark 8 test, which cycles through a bunch of intensive tasks, the HP ZBook petered out in an hour and a half. You’ll need to claim an outlet, as it’s not going to last a full day. In our WiFi browsing test, which cycles through lighter tasks, it died in about two hours. Again, not fantastic. While battery life is less than stellar, at least it charges fast.


The gunmetal grey exterior is prone to finger smudges

The HP ZBook’s gunmetal gray exterior is gorgeous, but it attracts fingerprints like you wouldn’t believe. After carrying it around for some time, I noticed lots of smudges on the lid. At the end of the day, it’s a really minor nitpick of mine, though, as dark colors tend to show fingerprints. With that being said, it isn’t anything a microfiber cloth can’t fix.

Finger Smudge

The keyboard is unimpressive

The ZBook’s keyboard doesn’t provide the best typing experience, but it’s not the worst either. I like the size of the keyboard, as it doesn’t feel really cramped or anything. However, I couldn’t really get accustomed to it. I could only manage about 69 words-per-minute, which is far from my average of 80 WPM.


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