TheJube replies to: TMS for M30 charts


there are 2 scenarios:
– With the trend: it is easy when you spot a divergence then jump in
– Against the trend: I normally wait for HL or LH or a trendline breakout once a divergence confirmed.

If a trade goes in DD during the time I am available to monitor my trade, I usually wait to see if the price is stepping up HL HH or stepping down LH LL to take actions whether to exit or stay in.

There are 3 important keys in any methodology:

1st : Locations (s/r)
2nd: price actions
3rd: indicator (s) which in our thread are stoc and TDI.

I am sure almost every trader who has been trading for more than 3 years already knew these keys. However, the master key is ‘self’. Some are still having issues to be consistently profitable due to only using one of those keys while omitting the other two.

When we change ourselve (our thoughts and our actions), our results will change!

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