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Kolcraft Cloud Plus

Best Lightweight Stroller

If you’re in the market for a lightweight or umbrella stroller, we think the best is the Kolcraft Cloud Plus. In our testing we found it had the best all-around combination of size, build quality, maneuverability, cost, and features. It weighs less than 12 lbs, costs less than $70 on sale, and has features and storage space on par with larger, more expensive models.
Unlike the other models we looked at, the Cloud Plus can quickly fold up with a single hand using the folding mechanism on the handlebar. It takes some practice, but it is a snap once you get it down. It’s not a true “umbrella” model in that it doesn’t fold into a long, skinny shape, but it is very compact when folded. It can even free-stand, something none of the umbrella models we looked at could do.

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