The best robot vacuums for pet owners of 2018


iRobot Roomba 980

Best For Cat Owners

When it comes to robot vacuums, iRobot is really the king of the hill. The cream of the crop on that hill is the iRobot 980. Like the Neato, it’s Alexa-enabled, Wi-Fi connected, and designed to clean multiple rooms while still finding its way back to its charger. For pet hair specifically, the 980 has tangle-free brushes, so you won’t have clean it as often as other models.

This iRobot didn’t get the top spot on this list because, unlike the BotVac, it sometimes had trouble transitioning from bare floors to a tall rug. However, it does have one huge advantage that many cat owners are going to appreciate: omnidirectional virtual walls.

Basically, the 980 comes with two virtual walls that can be set to Halo Mode, which creates a no-go circle four feet in diameter. We suggest you put one near the water and food bowl and one near the litter box, two places you never want an accident. If you already own an iRobot, the Dual Mode virtual barriers work with most models, and can be purchased separately.

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