Tesla Model 3 and 15 other new cars, SUVs that will shake up 2018



More than 1,000 vehicles are on display at this year’s auto show in Los Angeles. From ‘retro’ to cars with a ‘Star Wars’ theme, here are our picks for the best and worst at the show.

Having done their best to give splashy introductions to new models, automakers now have to hold their breath to see whether the new cars, trucks and SUVs prove popular with the public.

In 2018, they’ll have a bevy of new models, skewing heavily to pickups and SUVs that have proven to be favorites this year. But veteran auto executives know that the industry’s history is an unpredictable mix of hits and duds.

The most noticeable introductions will come at the opposite ends of the spectrum: two of the best-known pickup trucks and the new mass-market electric car from Tesla. The pickup wars will be especially vicious.

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