Take risks to thrive amid disruption: Whitney Johnson


Whitney Johnson, leading business thinker, has stressed on the need to take risks and embrace one’s limitations, among five ways to thrive amid disruption.

In a speech on the psychology of disruption and how to harness it for personal growth and fulfilment, Johnson laid out give broad strategies to tackle disruptive change which can create of destroy value. “When you’re willing to play where no one else is playing, you are in a great position to disrupt instead of being disrupted. Embracing untapped opportunities can often be the difference between being the disruptor or the disrupted, so don’t be afraid to take on some risk on the road to reward,” said Johnson.

She added that one should have a plan to make take advantage of one’s own limitations. “Doing so can help you move at breakneck speed up your personal learning curve, opening up new, unexplored possibilities for growth.”

The other three steps laid out by Johnson, also an author, include ‘be distinctive’, ‘battle entitlement’ and ‘Be discovery driven’.

A major strategy for one to be the disruptor than the disrupted is to play to one’s own strength, rather than be someone else. Also, “entitlement can often be endemic to leadership, stifling personal development and opening one up to catastrophic disruption. It’s important to battle entitlement, the belief that I exist, therefore I deserve. If we battle our own senses of entitlement, we’ll accept change more quickly within ourselves,” she said.

Another important faced is to explore one’s own potential, which will help discover one’s capabilities.

“By truly embracing disruption, you can leverage it as your personal sledgehammer to break down barriers to personal and organizational growth. As you go further down the path of self-discovery and renewal, you’ll discover personal disruption is not enervating, but energising,” Johnson said.

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