SwingMan replies to: Help Needed to Debug Existing EA with proven strategy


Hi guys,

Just returned from outstation. I have also tested the EA in non-hybrid mode and the profit is insane trading just one single pair.

I am beginning to think that maybe that’s the best way to trade the EA – we could eliminate the sole weakness by incorporating a cut-loss feature whereby the EA will cut loss at a preset level and close up all the opened trades. In view of how profitable it is, we can well afford to take a hit once in a while.

By so doing (cutting our losses), we would have eliminated the sole weakness of this EA. And this means its a VERY VERY SAFE way to trade, hardly any risk at all, so long as we are willing to take a hit once a while.

The other positive implication is that we need very little capital to trade that way and also that we can trade MULTIPLE pairs to push the profit even higher.

So, Tictac-nur, can you code in a cut-loss feature into V2.4??? The parameters can be set at $$$$ or % of equity.

If that cut-loss feature could be incorporated in and works properly, then I would have no hesitation whatsoever in saying this – GO LIVE!!! as it is truly a very safe yet highly profitable way to trade.

Tictac-nur, can we have that simple cut-loss feature incorporated in V2.4 as soon as possible???

What do you guys think about my suggestion above???

Cheers guys.

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