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Standard Response

Formal responses to the new telecom policy were uniformly welcoming. Informally, though, the responses were more in the vein of — yawn, we’ve seen this before. “I fell asleep,” admitted one senior executive. Another felt that it was old wine in a new bottle. “Stuff like optimal spectrum pricing and rationalisation of licence fees and spectrum usage charges were there in the last policy as well. But look what happened.” A third was nonplussed by the government’s intention to revise MA policy and make it easier for telcos to exit. “Exit? Are there any left to exit? Unless the government wants to shrink the market to even lesser than three private players.”

Who’s the Boss?

The limited partner of a private equity fund recently received a surprise LinkedIn request from an Indian woman declaring herself owner of the fund. He was stumped, trying to figure out if this was a hoax or whether it was the estranged wife of the founder of the fund that recently went through a mega makeover. Could the tussle over who’s the rightful owner end up in court? If it does, that will be a new one for the PE business.

Two’s Company

One is a chairman emeritus, the other an inheritor. But the age difference didn’t come in between them as they recently bonded over their common passion — technology. So when Akash Ambani drove down to meet Ratan Tata, we can be sure that the chai pe charcha was all about machine learning and block chain.

Looking for a Leader

After a long, extensive and deliberate search for someone to head the India unit of its investment bank, a large European financial institution has finally zeroed in on a candidate. The grapevine says it managed to persuade the top rainmaking manager of a storied British investment bank to move to the bigger, multi-product platform. What seemingly weighed in favour of the candidate was strong client referrals and close connections with industry. The person has been a trusted adviser to many large recent transactions that have grabbed the headlines. We hear the bank has big plans to significantly boost its presence in the investment banking space to match its corporate and institutional franchises.

Eye on Things

These days corporates aren’t taking any chances when it comes to the potential risks of behaviour in the workplace blowing up into HR crises. No matter how talented the individual, managements appear to be taking a much-belated but critically important look at conduct that crosses the line, or at least some companies seem to be. And so, we wonder if his glad eye was a key trigger for the sudden departure of a certain high flyer with a penchant for body building.

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