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I understand how you feel, and taking time out from FF to re-evaluate your own thinking is a good idea.

As you already know, other people are actually the most likely reason for you losing focus and direction, and that in itself is a big lesson to learn.

Regarding your trading approach, I suspect you will be making some changes, but imo, I think you are not that far adrift from a reasonable technique already from what I’ve seen. I think you know what is important in general, and I would say the only element missing is perhaps the most important…the timing. It’s no coincidence or secret of course that tap figures in any method I personally apply, and I’d suggest, looking at some of your trades, that time is the main element that you have not taken into account fully.

I appreciate this may add even more confusion to your thinking, but it is meant to be constructive and to act as a tip more than anything else. Disregard if it is of no help to you, or check out some of my posts and live trades taken which covers a fair bit on various topics in not so many pages, most of which seems to bypass most people on FF, and yet there are some critical nuggets hidden within most of my posts, which covers a lot of things overlooked by most traders.

Good luck though whichever direction you move in.

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