Southwest Airlines named best U.S. carrier, but not every passenger feels the LUV



Southwest Airlines has no shortage of fans and accolades.

The latest praise came Monday: TripAdvisor named the airline the best U.S. carrier and sixth best airline in the world based on the quantity and quality of reviews posted to the popular travel research and booking site.

But that doesn’t mean everyone loves the airline with a heart emblazoned on the belly of its planes and LUV as its ticker symbol.

Sprinkled among the mountain of glowing reviews on TripAdvisor are a bunch of one-star reviews, a category reserved for a “terrible” experience.

Many criticize the airline’s unique boarding process and open seating.

Unlike other major airlines, Southwest does not assign seats. Passengers can select any seat when they board. Passengers who don’t pay extra for priority boarding or get it through their status in the airline’s frequent-flier program board in order of the time they checked in. Stragglers board last and usually get stuck with middle seats.

In their own words, here are 12 travelers who hated Southwest.

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