Soundz replies to: Strat’s PASR Long Term, Stress Free Trading


Dear Strat,
Thanks a million and more for your benevolent patience with me, I feel like I am the Morty to your Rick (, I am not sure you’ll understand the comparison but I mean it as a compliment).

First things first, thank you for the spoon-feeding, those are obviously posts I have read several times already (and you would reply that obviously I haven’t understood them), and I will re-read them again. As dots start to connect a bit more every day, I am starting to believe that my problem (one of them at least) is not on M5 but on correctly identifying a primary trend on H1/H4 and be at the hard edge. I will work on that and either make you proud or give you an opportunity to use your CAPS

Second, the red arrow on EURAUD was not a short sell but the exit as we had reached both a resistance and a BEEB. The charting software I use is not very user-friendly for drawing. I understand your doubts about my grasp of your strategy, but even I have my limits in inaptitude

Third, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart, you are really someone remarkable, let alone on his trading skills, but with your dedication to others. Furthermore, you have perfectly understood that being understanding and kind at all times doesn’t induce effort and perseverance. I too have kids…


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