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While I don’t want to limit how I draw, I find that there are places where a regular median line works well and places where the modified works well. As always, it’s what I’m measuring that is important. I always try both, just to see.

What I am finding is that while a trader doesn’t have to dig into Elliott to understand the wave process. It doesn’t hurt either, so long as it’s not so complicated and the if and but if this happens shit….. I think Professor Andersen made it simpler and better. To meld ( labels, lines, structure and PA) these processes together to understand how to use them I have had to create a process to understand the process better.

For a journal I am using OneNote. So what I am attempting to do is start the beginning of each week with an assessment of the price action with labels, comments, thoughts and possibilities, as if I’m describing to someone written directly on the chart. Then I put the pictures with comments and any further comment in the OneNote which will then build a library of my views and hopefully growth of my insights and abilities. The goal is to understand swings better. Then the trading will a forgone conclusion. A couple of examples of what I’ve just described.

Shane says it all when he says it’s all in the swings!!!!!

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