Sold out! What to do if you haven't ordered Mother's Day roses



These Mother’s Day deals each come with a bonus you can share with Mom or save for yourself.

LOS ANGELES — Procrastinators, if you haven’t gotten around to buying mom a dozen red roses online yet for Mother’s Day, it appears it is too late. But don’t dispair.

There are other options, like stopping by local florists, going to a supermarket or ordering other kinds of flowers.

At least you’ll save from money. Before it stopped taking orders for two dozen red roses, floral retailer 1-800-Flowers was charging more than four times the cost of the local supermarket to have them shipped and delivered. 


A quick check of online vs. retail pricing for a dozen roses:

The company’s two-dozen roses is sold out for Sunday delivery. A collection of roses and lilies comes to $65.67 once taxes and fees are added, and is promised for Sunday delivery. The company says the cut-off time to order flowers delivered on Sunday is noon that day in most parts of the country.


The San Francisco-based start-up, which was acquired by longtime floral delivery service FTD,is sold out for roses delivery on Sunday. 


The online florist, which promises farm-to-table delivery of flowers, says the delivery cutoff is 2 p.m, Friday ET. We looked for roses to send Thursday, and they were sold out for Sunday delivery. 


The e-tailer, which, of course, sells just about everything, doesn’t have a lot of good options for roses. We shopped for a dozen red roses, found some for $24.99, but the quickest delivery option we found was for Tuesday, two days after Mother’s Day.

Local markets

Finally, you can’t beat the local supermarket for Valentine’s flowers. A local Los Angeles food chain, Ralphs, has a dozen roses for $19.99. Whole Foods, which is now owned by Amazon, is offering 20 tulips for $10, for members of Amazon’s Prime expedited shipping and entertainment service. But you’ll need to pick up the coupon first, here: 

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