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hi J-f,

didnt know you were watching!

i could have a little better exit, had to wait for the full one, and sort of throw EU in the end too…
went a little high on the drawdown some point, but had to protect my entries too…of course, looking at EN now…well, better not to look….

overall, i got what i wanted for, even more than i had bargained for actually.
i was not sure i will be able to recover from the big drawdown (-7.51%) this month, but in the moment it looks like i had.
now it is 2 more trading days left, and i am for sure looking to keep things straight, maybe expand a little, if i can. after all the holidays cost, a lot!
am i glad xmas is only once a year?!

well, if writing, also a little update on the ongoing things.

the past days i was mentoring winner#2, was filling out the time after trading, and still have some lessons left.
i feel it is a good thing, seem to work well.
since after the winners selected ( really only 2 bothered to answer in the 3 days after i posted this offer!) there was some more interest, i may be consider to extend this offer in some ways…yet to decide how. of course, doing it all free, 100% free, without asking to join my broker, without other hidden agendas, etc.
the thing is, it is still 8-10 hours commitment from my time, and i dont have that many times the free hours as many wrote me.
so, contemplating some skype conference call type of thing, as i am not likely to start making youtube videos. alternative, just pick one a month from those interested.
anyway, for some probably i would not be able to offer anything, for some it may be what they need to help to get on the right track.

track record:
especially, that once in a while threads like this: popping up, and questioning rightfully who has what it really takes, and who just talk.
i always thought it i s important to be able to show that someone can also do what they say they are doing, and i have a TE to back things up some too.
but that same thread also shine a light on how ignorant ppl are, wanting to trade for a year with 20-100$ standard ( even if cent, some) accounts. i have written a few times about realistic expectations, and sure will come up a few more occasions.
my suggestion is that everyone try to work on their numbers! it is fine to make small gains on small account, it is not fine to take huge risk on small account, and gain high %, that is still a tiny dollar amount, risking a 100% loss of equity almost any and every trade.
the broker demo competitions have only one aim: lure hopeful noobs in with the promise of 100s of %age gains…never pointing out that from 1000 contestants 900 lose money. that is fun for a while, but not a way to trade for a living.
also, used my own example, to show that building a track record, even if mostly involving 1 digit monthly gains, can open and keep opening doors…some may doubt, but it is indeed the truth.
here is a line from a mail i got this week ( despite was still in drawdown!) :

“We have some really interesting things brewing on the backend and you will see your allocations increase if not this week then before the end of the month but more importantly, you will become a CFD on the Axi MT4 platform. Similar to Darwinex but you will have a much bigger marketing push from us.”

yes, it is real. and yes, it can happen to any of you, just like me.
what do you need?
a track record that is 6-9 months long. that has preferable no more than 10, max 15% DD.
simple? doable?

happy trading!

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