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Jesse Livermore blew his brains out leaving a suicide note proclaiming himself a “failure” after earning and losing 100’s of millions of dollars and having an estimated net worth of “only $5 Million” (in 1940 dollars) at the time of his brain exposure..all things in moderation/perspective…

I don’t think your comment is appropriate. JL suffered from mental depression and this days its treated with drugs but back then nothing of that kind unless you wanted your brain to be fried with electric shocks..
When I look at great Artists like Van Gogh,Mark Rothko,Arshile Gorky, Jean-Michel Basquiat,John Minton to name some I don’t look at their work from perspective that they committed suicide.That would be too shallow pedestrian way to look at their accomplishments.I look at their WORK and what I can learn from their artistic output.
We live in a age when people are obsessed with tragedy and shock value of tragic but often what matters gets buried deep.
I suggest you read his book “REMINISCENCES OF A STOCK OPERATOR” to understand what brilliant person JL was.Question should be asked what can you learn from Jesse Livermore.

You have 97 posts at FF with only 1 image even that its not a chart!Have history of subscribing and unsubscribing from multiple threads in short time.
General theme I get you don’t have focus.

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I like to work with people who take trading seriously…Its not personal I am just passionate about success and trading

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