Scales Road tract proposed for storage units draw opposition


One rezoning was quickly approved, but a second ran into a buzz saw of opposition and questions at the Homer Planning Commission meeting last week.
The potential rezoning that drew opposition is a piece of property just across Scales Creek Road from the entrance to the Chimney Oaks Golf Club.
The developers of the golf club own the property, about 10.3 acres, and proposed to use the back half of it for public storage units. About a year ago, the owners proposed an apartment complex for the property.
The rezoning request was deferred until the October meeting and commissioners asked for more specifics about the development.
Brad Day, who represented the owners, said, “I don’t know if we want to dedicate the resources to that.” He noted the submitted material includes a rough sketch of the property, designates the back half for the development and says the owners plan two rows of about 30 storage units and two more rows for recreational vehicles and boats – some cover and some not covered.
The front half of the parcel is the septic tank field for the golf course.
Residents and commissioners complained about the vagueness of the plans.
Chairman Mose Chandler said he would expect city council members to want to see explicit plans for the site.
Day said the owners are “just looking for a use of that property.”
Ron Christopher, a resident of the area, said Scales Road is not adequate for more traffic. He said a storage unit facility would generate more traffic.
Day called the proposed use “less intrusive” than the apartments proposed a year ago.
Len Camden, also a resident of the area, complained about the “vagueness” of the proposal.
He also said no other property is zoned for business along the road from the Historic Homer Hwy. to the golf course.
He objected to “no specifics whatsoever” being presented to the commission.
Camden said the number of units and landscaping around the parcel should be detailed.

For more on this story, see this week’s issue of the Banks County News

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