satish37 replies to: I will code your EAs and Indicators for no charge


Hi guys , I will help the programmer that helps me (with coding) by teaching him a few very profitable ideas(setups) that i use everytime(daytrading for more than 13years) ,also you’ll have access to what I use so it’s a bigger win , it’s not a thing to be writen in ex4(mt4) but as a simple program ( yet my knowledges of c++ and any other programming languages are quite nule ) -like a normal calculator-

I want the respective program to look exactly as in this picture , you enter the high,the low,and the close ; and after using the ‘calculate’ button it will have to show those 7 levels ( calculated by the formulas writen in the picture – calculate the pivot and then calculate the rest of them using the pivot)

I’d prefer explaining the setups in a private message for the respective programmer.

Thank you again !

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