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is there a coder who could kindly make slight adjustments to a semafor indicator? The indicator is attached.

The semafor paints three different turning point levels, 1 to 3. 1 or 3 being the strongest, not sure which one but I know how a strong reversal point looks like visually. I have also added a screenshot of the indicator.

The weakest turning point is when we just see a red/green dot. Then level 2 is when the red/green dot has a circle around it and the strongest is when it has two circles around it.

The green/red dot is the weakest and I want it to be completely removed from the indicator. Could anyone remove that?

And on top of that, I need that there is some padding between the price and the dots since the dots often cover the wicks. I just need some distance from it.

Is there anyone who could change the code?

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