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Good morning all!
Most pairs are at or around sR levels, mainly in consolidation and and not much happening so there’s some time to look at a few things.

1) The MTF stoch indicator we are using are set to show us the next highest time frame from whatever current time frame we are using. If you are looking at M5 you will see the M15 MTF stochastic, M15 CTF-M30 MTF, M30 CTF- H1 MTF, H1 CTF-H4 MTF, H4 CTF-D1 MTF, etc. Only the monthly TF does not have a next higher time frame on our MTF stochastics indicator. The setting in the Inputs allows us to manually dictate which TF the MTF indicator shows. Our settings are set to automatically select the next highest time frame. If you want to change the settings to show a different view on your charts you can do that. Just set the “Next Higher Auto” to False and in the Time Frame input choose the time frame you wish to see. Here is a chart with several time frames shown. CTF is M5.

Click to EnlargeName: EURUSDiM5 5 MTF stochs.pngSize: 36 KB

2) Mostly I have shown trades taken on the M5 charts. That’s mainly because until we get all the noise from this week’s news announcements there will probably be no clear direction in the markets. When markets are ranging I usually stay on M5 and M15. That doesn’t mean that we can’t trade other time frames. Please trade any time frame you want. It’s just that when markets are not trending I’m a scalper, but the TF is your choice.

3) All I ask is if you post charts here please use the template from the 1st post. Why? I’ve seen it a thousand times, and in every single instance the thread gets hijacked. The purpose of the thread is to explore the potential profitability using these charts, exactly as they are.

4) If you are using this method to trade, please show us your results with a posted chart. Don’t be shy. This thread isn’t intended to be the bobby2 show. Please share your results with us.

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