Robertk replies to: Small adjustment H/L #MTF indicator request


Below indicator is used to simply draw a #MTF high/low, as shown in picture one. The only problem with this kind of plotting is that when switching to lower timeframes i cannot see which bar made that corresponding higher timeframe high or low, unless i am eyeballing/securely checking which bar did it. That takes plenty of time, especially when i have to get around 50 timestamps of lower TF bars that created a higher TF high/low.

I hope that someone is able to create the result from picture #2. As you can see all plotted lines are now starting exactly from the point where the high/low was created. Therefore when switching to lower TF’s i can easily copy timestamps of any relevant bars.

Attached is the indicator that i hope can be slightly adjusted in order to do this. I would really appreciate it!

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