Road rage reported at Banks Crossing


An incident of road rage was reported to the Banks County Sheriff’s Office last week.
A woman reported that she was turning right at Cracker Barrell when a gray truck went into her lane. She told a deputy with the Banks County Sheriff’s Office that she blew her horn at the man driving the truck.
The woman said the man then rolled down his window and called her a “stupid lady” and said that he didn’t go into her lane. She said the man then got out of his vehicle and began using profanity toward her and her juvenile niece. She said got out of her vehicle and the man slapped her, knocking her sunglasses off.
The deputy found the man driving the truck at Cracker Barrel and he denied slapping the woman. He said that the woman blew her horn at him and “gave him the finger.”
In another report of road rage, a man said when he got off Exit 149, a car pulled in front of him and motioned for him to pull over. He said he rolled down his window and the other motorist began yelling at him. He said the man also picked up a hard hat in his vehicle and hit him with it. He said the man also threatened to “put a cap in me.”

For more crime coverage, see this week’s issue of the Banks County News.

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