RisingSun replies to: S/R Monthly pivot PA trading!


As you will notice in viewing Brian’s charts, positions are added up as the trend goes in his favor; Pyramiding up.

This topic is well explained here.

An excerpt:

“Adding to Winning Positions
It is now fairly recognized among experienced traders that one of the best trading strategies you can adopt is to add to a WINNING position (as opposed to a losing position/averaging in). The other is of course to take profits before the trade turns into a loser!
This is easier said than done in practice because the theory is (which is against human nature, because when you lose you tend to try harder). Human nature dictates that if a share was worth buying at the previous price, it must be even more worth buying if the share price has gone further down. But this is flawed logic, as the original reason for entering the trade in the first place was in the expectation that the share price would go up, which it plainly has failed to do so far. So while it may feel unnatural, adding to winning positions essentially demands that you buy more when the share price has gone up, because then your position has started to look like a good one.”

Take a look if/when you have time.

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