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I have been using them since 2008 and have never had an issue. If you can get a Premium account , $20K minimum, you will get a roughly a 40% discount on spreads as well as a 20% discount on commissions. You can trade right through TradingView if you like. Below is a screenshot of my live prices on USD Majors.

Oanda still has dynamic spreads which adjust according to liquidity and news. They no longer pay interest on your idle account balance. If you are in the USA the margin requirements have also been adjusted (screenshot below).

If you are a US trader and want to stay onshore, you only have 3 options. Oanda, Gain Capital Interactive Brokers. I have tried all 3 and my preference is Oanda. You may like others but if you want to use TradingView, Oanda and Gain Capital (DBA Forex .com) are your only options.

Good Luck,

– Ric

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