ricki72 replies to: Are you ready to change your life?, I represent you MODEST EA!


Dear members

As ModestEA team ,we have clearly explained everything during our posts.what we have always said right from the beginning on this forum,please follow Modest ea action,is it taking accurate trades, what is happening right after ea opens trades,how many pips the trades go into minus ,we always said our EA uses intelligent grid system ,opens trades with a purpose that purpose is Ea can predict the turning points ,these turning points might be 10 pips or 30 pips,so accordingly Ea opens position and grid system gets activated.Again right from the beginning we have said if you don’t like this kind of Ea than it is not for you, please look for another EA.We NEVER EVER made any forceful sale whatsoever.
Regarding ,the issue of people accusing people to be member of Modest ea team, obviously we will take it to forexfactory and complain because than people get afraid posting their results.

We do hope this has cleared everything,as we have said in our introduction page,if you don’t like the way EA trades ,please look for somewhere else.

Many thanks to all supporters that sending us very kind emails.

Best regards


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