Revolution Racecars to launch new track-only model


Revolution Racecars, a new British maker headed by the co-founder of Radical Sportscars, will be launching a lightweight, track-only model later this year. 

Called ‘The Revolution’, the two-seater is described as “an all-new track and race car conceived, designed, developed and built by racers for racers”. It will bring LMP (Le Mans Prototype) technology and safety to a wider racing audience, with a starting price of less than £100,000.  

The Revolution features a carbonfibre tub, manufactured in Germany using a highly efficient and safe carbon infusion process, allowing the car to weigh in at a claimed 675kg. The finished bodywork is yet to be shown, but significant development into its aerodynamic properties allows it to “produce more downforce than anything else in its price bracket”. 

It is powered by a 300bhp dry-sump 3.7-litre V6, sourced from Ford, that is said to offer “proven reliability”. The company promises the engine will be able to do more than 6000 miles, or 100 hours of racing, between rebuilds. It channels that power through a six-speed sequential gearbox from a specialist company called 3MO, using technology inspired by ’boxes found in World Rally Championship cars.

No images of the interior have been released, but it’s described as having Formula 1-style controls, with everything operated via switches on the steering wheel. “Class-leading” elbow room allows it to be operated safely with two adults on board. 

The Revolution is the brainchild of Phil Abbott, one of the co-founders of Radical Sportscars. Abbott drafted in Brit Simon Cox, former Infiniti and GM head of design, giving him creative license for the car’s design. 

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