reteid2222 replies to: Only about making much money, requesting EAs and myself


I will ask my teacher to teach this today, that i will be able to follow your genius brain.

And again i hoe you can hear me in your higher spheres. You can’t judge about the work by review some code snippets posted here.

You came here to bash the work of the TO. Yes, i’m also don’t like the kind he/she is glorify his/her work, but that’s not a reason to offend. Your first post with the question about the git repo shows your intentions here. I don’t know why you think you are better than others, but this is what you try to tell here. When i look at your posted stuff i don’t see any genius work. But congrats you know how to avoid implement own sorting, are able to use the word wrapper, know what a repo is and can bash others work. When you think here only childs playing then go back to your google campus and talk to your equals. Last but not least welcome to my ignore list.

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