Renault Sport looking at softer variants and SUVs


The new Renault Megane RS280 might be an easier car to daily drive than its hard-riding predecessor, but it still looks and feels special on road and on track.

In the hot-hatch world, it’s always been a bit of a left-field choice amongst bigger sellers like the Golf GTI/R, and as such has never really hit big sales numbers. The same is still true, according to Jean Calcat, international sales general manager at Renault Sport.

“If you go back just ten years, we were only selling 10,000 cars that were RS versions, whereas today that number has risen to over 50,000 units – that’s cars made by Renault Sport, including both GT and GT Line,” he said.

“But when you drill down into those sales numbers we still sell roughly 10,000 full-blown RS versions each year. We’re also moving another 10,000 GTs and nearly 30,000 GT Line cars, which is clearly where the market is heading,” he went on.

“With more and more speed limiting regulations coming into play globally, drivers have way more respect for speed limits and less of a need for high-performance cars, which is why cars that look the part but have a standard engine under the bonnet attract the most number of buyers.”

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