Renault Megane RS ‘more a match for Golf R’


The latest Renault Megane RS to drop locally has very big shoes to fill if it’s to come anywhere near the success of its much-lauded second-generation predecessor, which saw Australia ranked number three in global sales.

It’s clearly a crucial model for the French carmaker both globally and in Australia for more than just sales numbers, according to local Renault CEO, Andrew Moore, who spoke with CarAdvice at the Australian launch recently.

“This a brand halo for Renault with such a legion of fans and won’t those folks back and excited about Renault and trying the new version with all the benefits it brings to the market,” he said.

“The key feedback from owners and prospective buyers of the last generation were the limitations of a three-door and manual only spec that limited the car as a daily drive – meaning it pretty-much sold to purists exclusively.”

“This new model lacks nothing from an enthusiast’s perspective, in fact, it goes up in power and tech, and with the new Sport chassis and dual-clutch auto option we’ve got much more of a daily driver which could easily widen our market for this car,” he added.

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