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We are now more than 3 months after the supposed final release. Mark is not running live with it. Is anyone running live with it? Is anyone even remotely confident to run live with it? For every demo where I see success, I can see a demo failed. That fits in with a standard random distribution. Why would Mark not want to showcase a small live account? Why won’t he even showcase a small demo account? Why is testing (or any modification) not being done on a separate demo? Why did he fight against backtesting so much? It still doesn’t backtest properly, but I gave up pushing for it. Why has he ignored anyone who asked about live? Why does he consider it a demand when it would be plainly obvious that anyone who paid would be wanting to run live? Why does Mark continually try to shift focus when asked about the performance of his ea? In Mark’s world I will be needing to validate my own (non-commercial) performance before I ask any question about running live. What’s up with that shit? It’s just a diversion so he can avoid any kind of live scrutiny. How does a $100,000 demo account have any comparison with a $5,000 live account? How does a $100,000 2 month demo even begin to compare at any level with a $40,000 live account with 4 years of history? Why does he even try to make such a pointless comparison? It’s not my performance which is being discussed. How is my live performance in any way going to affect his answer of the question? If I buy a new car, and I ask the seller how it performs, does the seller then ask me to prove the performance of my current car? No!!! Instead, he either answers the question, or says to jump in, take it out on the road, and put my foot to the floor.

Here’s how Mark will go with a 5k oHannah demo:

1) The demo will fail.
2) Mark will pick an excuse.
3) An ‘update’ will be released to ‘fix’ the problem.
4) Another demo will be started.
5) Repeat from step 1

In the meantime his focus will not be where it should be, which is addressing the problem where we have basically random performance on any small accounts. Instead his main focus is on trying to invent new ways to get more clients, such as high-risk version, and webinars, adjusting prices of existing ‘products’, having limited number sales, all in the effort to try and rope in more suckers such as myself.

He will keep everyone on that merry-go-round as long as he can keep convincing everyone that a new, improved version is just around the corner, or that we will see big improvements with the next version.

You only need to look at one simple fact. Mark will not run live with it.

If it’s still not clear enough, then pick any version released from 1/1/2018 till now, and put it on a live 5k account. It’s not unreasonable to expect that it should be safe to do so. Do you?

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