profitfarmer replies to: 10k (0.1) Position $300 to $64k In Twelve Weeks


$300 to $64K In Twelve Weeks Explorer.
I’m going to trade this account as if there was $300 available. My goal is to get to $64k in twelve weeks.
One shot, one kill, rinse and repeat. It sounds like I’m setting myself up for failure, but I think this is my best route. I’m going to trade this like a large account (100k), if you don’t mind losing (100k.) You would have to be a millionaire not to care if you lost (100k.) So my theory is I can lose $300 dollars, no sweat, so just trade it like 100k demo.
A lot of people think it’s easy to make money consistently in a demo account, and it’s not. It’s actually just as hard as a live account. If you have a trading method that works, it works in both a demo or live account. The difference between a demo account and a live account for successful traders is how much you’re really willing to risk to drive up the account or risk substantial losses. If you have a trading method that works, it works in both a demo or live account. If you don’t have a method that works, don’t worry because you’re in the 97% who can’t make money trading (yet.)

On my website I display charts and targets to help develop a visual recognition of price turns to chart patterns. I believe most traders like myself are visual learners. My trades may help you put the final pieces together for your particular trading method.

I’m not going to respond to philosophical trading questions on this thread because its an exhausting, no win proposition. I think it’s important to keep an open mind in life as humans are subject to inattentional blindness. It is what it is. Either I can do it or I can’t, it’s that simple.

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