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Question for FXMD and anyone in US and Europe using this system. Based on the system these trades usually open between 9:00pm – 3:00am EST. Usually these are hours when most of us prefer to be in the bed sleeping or doing whatever! How do you manage to take these trades? I know how to place Pending Orders but based on this system you can’t do that. You have to wait for a 15M candle close to be above/below our BO box. Also if the price is over 10 pips already crossed the BO box, we wait again for retracement so that the price is…

Attached is another indicator to draw the lines
This indicator is not as nice as FXMDs indicator, however because it is fairly simple it is good for me to eyeball the charts

I live in Toronto, Canada and trade this system. I place my trades (pending order) about 10pm and then go to bed.

I trade other pairs and I use a filter so I only trade in the direction of the trend.
I miss some entries when the trend changes but that is trading

I do look at the charts without any indicators so I am using some discretion. I stumbled on FXMD system and was delighted because it is very similar to what I am doing

Traders are looking for the holy grail, a system that they can follow with a guarantee win rate….FXMD system is really good but you need to use experience and understanding of charts which takes a while to gain

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