Porsche Taycan: Why 20,000 per annum mightn’t be enough


Porsche plans to build 20,000 Taycans each year, with deliveries to Europe and the USA commencing late 2019. Early indications are that production run may fall short of demand.

While refusing to be pinned down on actual numbers, a representative from Porsche Australia told CarAdvice they’d received hundreds of ‘expressions of interest’ before anyone has actually seen the car, let alone driven it. There’s strong interest from current Porsche owners, but also from those new to the brand.

Pre-orders have also been taken in the US and, according to reports, more than 2000 reservations have been filed for the car in Norway.

When local pricing is finally announced for the Taycan late in 2019, Porsche will accept and confirm reservations for a $2500 (fully refundable) deposit from the perspective buyer.

Porsche has already released the Taycan’s performance specifications, which might explain much of the enthusiasm surrounding this car, not to mention the design of the Mission E Concept on display in Barangaroo, said to have provided many of the styling cues for the production car.

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