Polestar 1 will be "thrilling"


Polestar’s chief test driver, Joakim Rydholm, says the upcoming Polestar 1 sports car is “exciting”, “engaging” and “thrilling”.

After driving the plug-in hybrid coupe at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Rydholm, had high praise – though we reckon his comments may be a little biased.

“The ingredients for creating the best driving dynamics in a car are the same, whether it has an electric drivetrain or an internal combustion engine,” he said. “An immediate damper response from the suspension, direct and predictable feedback from steering inputs and consistent, powerful brakes are the key attributes that all the world’s best driver’s cars have in common.”

“That’s exactly what we are engineering into the new electric performance cars from Polestar. In the 22 years of my career developing the chassis for all sorts of cars, I have never experienced a package and drivetrain as thrilling as the Polestar 1.”

“The electric performance is so immediate and exciting, plus the torque vectoring technology gives such engaging handling. When you then factor in the Öhlins suspension, Akebono brakes and light-weight carbon fibre body, the Polestar 1 delivers truly outstanding performance,” he added.

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