Peugeot is toying with making e-Legend concept a reality


Power comes from a twin-motor electric setup making a combined 340kW and 800Nm, delivered to all four wheels. It’ll hit 100km/h in less than four seconds, and tops out at 220km/h – when you’re not chasing top speed, the 100kWh battery is good for over 600km on a charge.

Four drive modes are offered, two autonomous and two human-focused: Soft or Sharp, and Legend or Boost.

Legend is aimed at laid-back cruising, while Boost promises “dynamic and stimulating driving” with a more modern, immersive instrument setup.

On the autonomous side of things, Soft is pitched as a relaxing, minimalist setup, while Sharp places priority on keeping people in touch with their social calendar. The steering wheel retracts when the car is in an autonomous mode, the front seats recline, armrests deploy and a 49-inch screen can be used for entertainment.

The seats themselves are trimmed in vivid, blue fabric dubbed ‘silk velvet’ by Peugeot, while the door trims and upper dash is finished in renewably-sourced wood designed to evoke 1960s furniture. There are screens everywhere, from the aforementioned 49-inch unit under the dashboard to a 6.0-inch unit on the centre console, designed to adapt based on the chosen drive mode.

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