Peugeot coupe concept teased


A new Peugeot coupe concept car has been teased ahead of its in-the-flesh debut at the 2018 Paris motor show, which kicks off at the beginning of October.

Images posted by Evo and Jean-Philippe Imparato, head of the Peugeot brand, show off the car’s long bonnet and rakish A-pillar layout.

From the rebalanced and enhanced teaser photo posted by Peugeot Sport Club UK on Twitter, we can see the overall design is reminiscent of the 504 coupe, which went on sale in 1969.

Furthering the car’s foothold in the retro camp, Imparato said “when I saw it for real, it made me feel like a child”. He also noted the concept car has been under development for two years.

The concept will feature at least a few details linking it to Peugeot’s current production car range, including three clusters of vertical LED tail-light bars on each of side of the car’s rear.

We don’t know anything about the concept’s drivetrain, although given the current state of the market it’s likely to feature some form of electrification.

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