Paris motor show: 10 past concepts we wish made production


As the next chapter in a series of mould-breaking cars that include the DS, CX, XM and C6, it’s not hard to imagine the CXperience taking its place at the head of the Citroen range. Unfortunately yet another AirBump-clad SUV seems more likely to take the helm.

2010 Renault DeZir

As a preview of Renault’s then-new design language, the DeZir was tasked with creating a softer, more sensual design language for the brand, which design director Laurens Van den Acker described as having lost its way.

Stunning polished side blades, light emitted from perforated body sections, and alternatively front and rear-hinged butterfly doors signalled a French aesthetic in a market dominated by hard-edged Teutonic simplicity.

Balancing performance car sleekness and voluptuous sensuality can’t be an easy task, surely, yet the electric DeZir concept does just that. Obvious Audi R8 sideblade comparisons are unavoidable, but somehow the Renault’s organic musculature is just sexier, no matter which angle you view it from.

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