Opinion: the Peugeot e-Legend concept is the acceptable face of autonomous driving


But they forget one key part: lots of people love cars. Lots of people love driving cars. And a lot of people – and I’d imagine this includes most of you – don’t really want to imagine a future without cars that you not only can drive, but want to drive.

Vidal told me that Peugeot’s goal with the e-Legend is to prove that autonomous electric cars can still be stylish, dynamic and fun. Job done. If this is the future of autonomous driving, count me in (as an aside, Peugeot isn’t alone in reckoning on the importance of drivers: BMW’s development chief recently said the firm will never produce a car without a steering wheel).

In fact, the job might even be done a little too well, because the e-Legend is surely too stylish to just be a concept. Not only that, but if you stripped out that future tech and launched a car with that design onto the market today, I think Peugeot would be onto a winner. It would probably be really good with a thundering, American-style V8 engine in, although in a world moving towards electrification and low-emissions, that might be a step too far. 

Still, regardless of what engine was used, if Peugeot could make a production version of the e-Legend that was anywhere near as good to drive as it is to look at, I reckon it’d be onto a winner. 

Which is why it’s bad news that there are no plans to build one. Still, Vidal and his team are clearly very proud of the e-Legend concept, and you sense that, if a business case could be made, there’s a slim chance a production version – or something close to it – could happen. Perhaps if we all ask nicely.

So, go on Peugeot, you know you want to. Please…

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