oHannah replies to: Scammers


PF this year.

btw, that shown TE is indeed down, but that TE not equal PF as trader.
even so, it is live, visible, and detailed in a journal.
i have trouble seeing same genuinity from most.

and this is the line from what all triggered the coder, cos not everything removed:

Quoting profitfarmer
{quote} i think the problem lies with the account size and the position sizes. once said that using a 100k account, and 0.01-0.02-etc lots on it carries a problem: trading cant be scaled down to a 3k”

post were removed not to confuse a thread, as was claimed me useless trader will do that. actually once banned one can still remove those.
like the claims that i cant back my TE and profitability back. total rubbish.
even questioning an independent site’s stat that ONLY lists live accounts…that is right, no demo accounts included there!
but did i post screenshots? or was a link to view and see only?

Ohannah says:
“Traders don’t deposit, they withdraw. I can understand why in the Scammers Hall of fame thread you demand verified TEs, but then show me this. At this point I am not impressed and even consider your advice dangerous to my traders.”

maybe demo traders not deposit!
to my knowledge and experience all live trading account is starting with a deposit, or deposits, until get to the point where no further deposits needed and then cash flow turn into withdrawals.
or account gets to split up, like mine had, for better suit scalping and lessen to slippage caused by larger lot sizes on less liquid minor pairs at the broker.
should some feel to read up on a journal about this, i happen to have a journal dealing with these things.
spoiler alert: this above problem only apply to live trading accounts. demo traders have nothing to be concerned!

PS. all this for the readers benefit here, for some less biased info.
PSS. disclaimer: even though appear in the same post about me, i dont post camels, and goats, and never had on this or any other thread.
i have nothing against arabs, muslims or for that matter anyone genuine.

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